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Mold Development

  EpiLode has independent design and development capabilities. We are capable to organize the product from the beginning of product design and manufacturing, we provide One Stop Shopping to our customer, Saving your cost and fitting your future.


  There isn't one single process that can suit every project. Each project is different which is why we offer multiple solution for all product needs. This ensures the right process is always used for the right application.

Project Management​

  We used resources efficiently, reduce procurement costs, and rigorously monitor and control product quality. QC department is committed to maintaining the smooth flow of customers and the stability of quality, and is dedicated to serving EpiLode's customers.


Molding Design

Specializing in custom industrial products and mold design, the products customized across plastic injection, sheet metal, die casting and cable products.

OEM Service

We have OEM ability to serve customers with professional technical quality and reasonable price.

Customized Part & Assembly Service

We can customize your product to your needs.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

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Industries We Serve!

Medical Appliances & Accessories

Electric Mechanical Part

Vehicle Accessories

Optical Components

Consumer Electronics

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